The curriculum is offered in English and prepares doctoral researchers to excel in an international environment and become sought-after employees in the public and private sector. Progress in developing excellent interdisciplinary knowledge and self-reliance is monitored by a system based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Associated doctoral researchers funded by other sources participate in the same rigorous curriculum. Participation is recorded for each researcher and is certified upon completion of the dissertation.

Although entry into the program is encouraged at the beginning of each recurring 3-year cycle, doctoral researchers can also join at other times. To ease their entry and to help doctoral researchers to freshen up on teaching topics, all learning materials (e.g., scripts, audiovisual recordings, articles, lab protocols) are available through the learning and teaching platform RWTHmoodle.
The scheme summarizes the compulsory and optional modules (CM and OM, respectively) that are offered to ME3T trainees together with the assessment system for progress monitoring.