Mechanobiology in Epithelial
3D Tissue Constructs
Department Institute of Physiology, LuF Neurophysiology
Job site: RWTH Aachen University Hospital
Description of the position: PhD student
Job description: Our profile
The focus of our dynamic work group is on hereditary pain, peripheral sensory neurons and the natural environment of their free nerve endings in the skin. In a translational approach, we investigate excitability and mechanosensitivity of neurons derived from stem cells (iPSCs) of patients with pain syndromes and peripheral neuropathies. We use the patch-clamp technique, multi-electrode arrays (MEA), molecular biological, immunohistological and cell biology as well as modern materials for tissue engineering, such as (inter)active synthetic hydrogels, to enhance cell growth, support co-cultures, and probe cellular mechanobiology.

Your tasks
You will be part of the DFG-funded graduate school Mechanobiology in Epithelial 3D Tissue Constructs (MEƎT; In project B3: ‘Mechanostimulation of an innervated 3D skin model’, you will participate in setting up dermal equivalents, expand those into 3D hydrogel based skin models, which will be “innervated” by sensory neurons. Using light actuated hydrogels, you will probe the mechanosensitivity of these constructs and readout the cellular response using calcium imaging, patch-clamp or multi-electrode recordings.
Requirements / Your profile: Your profile
You have quickly and very successfully completed your Master studies at a university or comparable study programs). You intend to obtain a doctorate Dr. rer. nat., Dr. rer. medic on a challenging transdisciplinary topic.
Pay category: TV-L 13 (65%)
Hiring date: July 01, 2019
Duration of employment: 3 years
Contact: Prof. Dr. Angelika Lampert
Email:, phone: +49 (0)241 80-88810

Equal career prospects for women and men.
Severely disabled applicants with equal qualification will be given preferential consideration.
Application deadline: March 31, 2022