Mechanobiology in Epithelial
3D Tissue Constructs


Multiscale 3D Bioprinting by Nozzle-Free Acoustic Droplet Ejection

A novel 3D bioprinting method is introduced based on the principle of acoustic droplet ejection. The size of the cell‐laden droplets can be modulated over three length scales down to single cell size. The cells are exposed to much lower shear stress compared to established nozzle‐based bioprinting techniques. The method holds promise for advanced tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and mechanobiology.

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Wo Implantate zum Leben erweckt werden

Stefan Jockenhövel will Implantate zum Leben erwecken. Jockenhövel ist Inhaber der NRW-Schwerpunktprofessur Biohybride & Medizinische Textilien (BioTex) am Institut für Angewandte Medizintechnik der RWTH Aachen und Direktor des grenzüberschreitenden Aachen-Maastricht-Instituts für Biobasierte Materialien. Er und sein Team sind überzeugt davon, dass ihnen dieses Meisterstück gelingen wird. Biohybride Gefäßprothesen, Herzklappen und Atemwegsstents stehen im Fokus ihrer Forschung. Das heißt, die Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler am Cluster Biomedizintechnik entwickeln "lebende" Implantate, die auf gesundem Patientengewebe aufbauen.

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Inside the network

Inside the network.
aixCAVE, a five-sided immersive virtual reality environment at the IT Center RWTH Aachen,  allows a glimpse of the amazing intricacies of the keratin cytoskeleton. Walking through the digitalized network at nm resolution provides stunning vistas and novel insights into network architecture. The experience spurs quantitative assessment using innovative image analysis tools. The expected insights will help to understand the role of the keratin cytoskeleton for the homeostasis and maintenance of surface-lining epithelia and will have implications for the understanding and treatment of diseases ranging from genetically transmitted skin diseases to carcinogenesis.

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Firmenlauf 2019

Respect and compliments for ME3T's triumphant running team, which broke all records with 19 participating runners achieving 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th placings in different categories. Female preponderance became overpowering after the run.



Zu Fuß durch die Sierra Nevada

Knapp 400 Kilometer auf Wanderschaft durch die Sierra Nevada, vom Mount Whitey durch die kalifornische Wildnis zum Yosemite-Nationalpark. Christine Kempchen, die Hergenratherin bricht auf, um sich in den USA einen Herzenswunsch zu erfüllen.

(PDF "Grenzecho", 10. August 2019)


Kick-off Meeting

Kick-off and first RTG assembly: Great turnout and intense discussions!


Campuslauf 2019

The victorious "ME3T your friends" team setting a difficult-to-beat standard for future ME3T contestants with first, second and third placings in the respective age categories.



Scouting for possible cooperation of ME3T with the Institut für Textiltechnik provides fascinating insights and delicious ice cream.


Discussion forum on
Cell stretcher: Design and applications

30 experts from the UK, France, Finland and Germany with backgrounds in diverse life science disciplines and engineering convened at MOCA for two days of intense discussions on the latest developments in cell stretcher technology and applications. Current challenges and visions for future developments were defined during the highly interactive meeting.