Mechanobiology in Epithelial
3D Tissue Constructs

CM 2 - MEƎT Seminar series (1 ECTS/year): Student reports and "MEƎT the expert"

The seminars take place every two weeks and run throughout the year. They deal with current developments in mechanobiological research within MEƎT and put it in perspective with respect to worldwide advances. Doctoral researcher's progress reports (2 at each meeting) will therefore alternate with invited lectures by visiting guest scientists. The seminars are transmitted via Skype to our partners in Erlangen and are made available through a moodle-based repository.

Progress reports: Doctoral researchers take turns in giving presentations (30 min each with subsequent in-depth discussion).

Invited lectures ("MEƎT the expert"): Invitations are organized by assigned RTG students supported by the coordinator. Lectures are 45 min with subsequent discussion. The prominent international guests are available for additional discussions before or after the lecture. The following individuals have agreed to participate (in alphabetical order; list is not exhaustive):

Binshtok, A. (The Hebrew University, Jerusalem): Genetically encoded Na+ and Ca++ sensors for measuring Ca++ sparks in neurons and epithelial cells

Cabello, C. (Universidad de Valladolid): Hydrogels made of elastin-like recombinamers

Dittrich, P. (ETH Zürich): Microfluidic methods to study cells and lipid membranes under flow

Forget, A. (University of South Australia): Hydrogels and polymers for investigating mechanobiology in 3D tissue constructs

Geiger, B. (Weizmann Institute Rehovot): The mechanobiology of invasive migration of metastatic cancer cells

Jalink, K. (NKI Amsterdam): The challenges of optical screens in living cells

Köster, S. (Universität Göttingen): Nanoscale imaging of cellular Dynamics

Kouwer, P. (Radboud University): Synthetic strain stiffening Hydrogels

Lammerding, J. (Cornell University): Nuclear mechanics during cell Migration

Lee, G. (Johns Hopkins University): Differentiation of peripheral neurons

Lutolf, M. (École Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne): Biomimetic PEG hydrogels: the importance of visco-elastic behavior

Magin, T. (Universität Leipzig): Cytoskeleton-determined epidermal tissue functions

Moroni, L. (Maastricht University): How can biofabrication technologies facilitate mechanobiology studies in 3D cell cultures?

Radtke, C. (MH Hannover): Spider web as a scaffold for the direction of peripheral nerve growth

Serwane, F. (MPI Stuttgart): In vivo quantification of spatially varying mechanical properties in developing tissues

Schultz, M. (Amsterdam): Mechanical strain, stress and inflammation in the ventilated Patient

Wahl, W. (TUM): An engineer's model of the lung